Banana Nut Pancakes

Your favorite pancake mix (I used multi grain on this experiment)
Ripe banana (or two)
Chopped Pecans

How To:
I saw a cool idea on TV the other day and I tried it this weekend…it was awesome.

I saw a show about a restaurant that makes really good breakfasts…Tommy and I both made a mental note that when the put blueberries in their pancakes (YUMMY), they didn’t do it until the pancake was already in the pan and then the blueberries kinda sank down into the pancake as it cooks before it got flipped.

THEN…lo and behold…(CUE Angels singing!) they did a banana pancake. WHOA!!! They tossed slices of banana onto the pancake after it was in the skillet, similar to what they did with the blueberries.

SO, I had some whole grain pancake mix I needed to use up and some bananas that I was just about to toss because they were beginning to turn black. I figured I’d use those because those are the ones that you would use in banana bread. Then I thought…what the heck…I’d toss in some pecans too…since banana bread was on my mind.

The first pancake didn’t work well…the bananas didn’t seep down…cause my whole grain batter was too thick. This made the bananas stick to the pan, fried bananas stick whether you use PAM or not. You can only imagine what that pancake looked like once I chiseled it out of the pan.

SO…I tried another method. I thinned my batter out a little with some milk. I started with a smaller pancake…then put my bananas and nuts. Then kinda did another layer of batter on top of that to cover up all the goodies. TA DA! Perfect banana nut pancakes.

Tommy and Melanie loved them!

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