Rote Grütze

2 (12 oz) pkgs unsweetened mixed berries
1 can cherry pie filling
3 cups apple juice
3 Tbs corn starch

1 carton whipping cream
Vanilla (to taste-small amount)
Powdered sugar (to desired consistency)

Put fruit in a strainer and drain out water. In large pot bring pie filling, fruit and juice to a boil for 5 minutes. Dissolve cornstarch in water so it does not clump. Stir cornstarch into fruit mixture and stir constantly until thick. Remove from heat and put it in containers to chill. For best results chill completely overnight. Note: Cranberry juice can be used but will make the recipe much more tart.

Source: Dorothy M (my first Mother-in-law)

***NOTE: The title of this recipe is in German. Loosely translated it means 'Red Grits'. It's almost like a fruit pudding. I used to request this recipe for my birthday dinner each year. Finally my first Mother-in-law decided to walk me through how to make it. I've changed it up just a little, but it is still pretty much the same recipe she used to make for me. Tommy loves this one. :)

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