German Pizza

1/2 lb bologna, deli sliced
1/2 lb ham, deli sliced
Canned mushrooms
Gouda cheese
Pepperoncia (salad peppers)
French bread

Mix all ingredients to the desired amount put on top of French bread and bake till heated through at 375 degrees. Can freeze up to a few months. If frozen allow to sit out at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes before baking. You may have to bake it slightly longer after it's been frozen. Note: Salami can be used but it makes it really salty.

***COMMENT: This is one of our favorites for a quick gourmet dinner. It makes alot...but the cool thing can freeze it right on the bread, just like you are going to stick it right in the oven. So, you just take it out for a bit so it starts to thaw and pop it in the oven. If you haven't had this at my house, come on over, I'll show you how to make it. There aren't any measurements, but its hard to really mess it up once you see it done once. I know that Tommy would never complain about having to eat this for dinner. :o)

Source: Dorothy M (My first Mother-in-law)

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