Layered Potato Salad

New Potatoes (Boil, remove peel)
4 Boiled Eggs, more if desired
Small Cottage Cheese
1/2 Purple Onion

While you are waiting on the eggs and potatoes to cook, slice the purple onion in very thin slices. It will enhance the flavor of this salad, but should not be chunky or overwhelming.

Let the eggs and potatoes cool so you can cut them. Cut both into bigger than what you would want to stick your fork through.

Layer each ingredient until all is gone. There is no exact science to this. Here's the layer order:

Sm. Dollops of Mayo
Coat with thin layer of Cottage cheese
Serendipity (spices)
Lite sprinkle of onions

then do again...ending with onions or Cottage Cheese.

This is best when it's had time to sit for a bit so the onion and spices can do their thing.

I don't have exact amounts now, but it's not that important. For those of you that don't have Serendipity, you can use an All-Purpose Seasoning, or Salt Pepper and Garlic Powder. I'll try and measure out what I do the next time I make it.

It's YUMMY! Be don't need measurements...just try it as is! :)

This recipe was given to me by Michelle H. I know she probably got it from someone else. It's delicious and easy!

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