Mock Margarita Punch

1 can (12 oz) frozen limeade, thawed
1 can (12 oz) frozen lemonade, thawed
2 liters of lemon-lime soda, chilled
Sugar (optional)
Green food coloring
Crushed ice
Lime slices
48 oz water (4 cans)

In a large punch bowl pour thawed limeade and lemonade along with water. Color with a few drops of green food coloring, add sugar to taste. Chill. Before serving, add soda and ice.

To serve: Run some lime on rim of glass to moisten, then dip rim into salt. Pour punch into prepared glasses and garnish with lime slice.

Source: Delia L (a good friend I met in college, we are stampin' buddies now)

***NOTE: Delia gave me this recipe when she was in a speech class in college. She was doing her instructional speech for the semester. She got up and taught everyone how to make this drink. :) Other people in the class made other food items for their speeches and then they had a pot-luck type party at the end. I was taking a class down the hall and got to come in and sample a bunch of stuff.

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