Mesquite Grilled Dove Wraps

2 dozen Dove breasts
6 Poblano peppers seeded, cored, cut into 1 1/2" squares
1 Purple onion, quartered
Monterey Jack cheese, cut into 1/4" 1" cubes
1 lb Center cut bacon

1 jar (8 oz) JalapeƱo jelly
3 tbs Soy sauce
3 Cloves garlic, minced
2 tbs Olive oil
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp Black pepper
1/3 cup Merlot or other red wine

1 Begin with breasted doves, removing any pellets, feathers or damaged meat.

2 Fillet the breast meat from the breastbone. Take a slice of purple onion and lay two dove breast fillets on top of the onion. Then place a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, topped by a poblano pepper square. Carefully wrap the onion, dove breast, cheese and poblano stack with peppered bacon.

Hint: Be sure to wrap one strip lengthwise to hold in the cheese, followed by one-piece width-wise. Fasten with moistened toothpicks.

Place doves on a grill with medium high indirect heat. Brush the jalapeno baste over the wrapped doves, turning every 4 to 5 minutes and rebasting until the bacon has browned. Remove from the grill, remove toothpicks and enjoy.

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***COMMENT: Not sure whether to say I got this from Diane H (my Mother-in-law) or that website above. She orders alot of fancy spicy jelly's and marinade stuff from that Texas Gourmet place. When she gets them, they come with recipe cards. Most the recipe cards call for things that you can only find through them. This one calls only for jalepeno jelly which is readily available at almost any grocery store. I also have a recipe for it that I will post.

***ANOTHER COMMENT: This recipe is actually pretty versatile. You could do this same thing with Shrimp or Chicken or Beef. Mmmm....

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