Dill Pickles

This recipe is per jar.

1 quart Jar
Dill-sized cucumbers
3/4 cup vinegar
1 1/2 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs salt
1 head dill (large)
add pinch of alum
1 slice onion

Add ingredients to the jar and fill up the remaining space with water. Seal and put in a large pot of room temperature water (make sure jars are covered with water) and bring to boil. Make sure that jars seal. Let set in the water overnight until cold. You can store them on the shelf and put them in the refrigerator after opened.

Author: My Great Grandma Schonewill

***COMMENT: This is probably the ONLY recipe in my favorites that I haven't tried out yet. This is an heirloom type recipe. I would never want to lose it, even if I never do make it. Pickles are not my favorite thing, but Melanie (my step-daughter) and Tommy like them. I need to try and make it soon.

***STORY: Kind of unrelated, but funny and having to do with pickles...so I will put it here. On Tommy and I's wedding day, we had some BBQ catered in. They had the works, it was delicious! I was helping Melanie make her plate (she was probably 5 yrs old at the time) and we went down the table. Do you want ribs? NO. Do you want sausage? NO. Do you want beans? NO. Potatoe Salad? NO. I'm thinking...ok all that's left is bread. Do you want bread? NO. She walked to the end of the table and pointed to the pickles. This child wanted to eat nothing but a plate of pickles for lunch that day...and I wasn't going to fight her on it that day. Crazy kiddo! To this day...she makes me ask for extra pickles with EVERY hamburger. We get a lot of chuckles at the drive thru's on that one.

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